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When it comes to finding and keeping True Love most of us can get a little confused and frustrated from time to time.  For many, the same love that can provide fulfillment and enlightenment can also produce pain and anguish. I am not surprised.  All of us go looking for answers at some point during our lives.  It took me a lifetime to sift through the misinformation of pop-culture and understand how my own sense of “I” and personality was blocking the connections of true love.

Let’s keep it simple and straight forward.  True love is the balanced instinctual, emotional and intellectual connections shared between love partners.  When the connections of true love are established, they blend these levels of mind in the now through enjoying the physical, creating a balanced emotional state, and expanding conscious  horizons for both individuals.  That promise explains why we try so hard to find true love or attempt to reestablish it when it goes missing.

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This site is dedicated to helping you discover the bliss and enlightenment of true love.  How it really works, how to correctly establish or reestablish connections at the various levels of mind and how to recognize disconnections and take simple immediate balancing actions.  Whether you are currently dating or have been in a love relationship for 20 years, I strongly recommend that you pick up a copy of the new book, “The Artful Science of True Love and discover simple, easy answers to some tough questions about True Love.  An even easier way to get on track immediately is to attend a seminar in your area.  Please check the seminar schedule for dates, times and availability.

There is a tremendous amount of mysticism and confusion surrounding what is required to find true love.  It does not require a belief in magic; however, it does require an understanding of self, an ability to recognize a strong mutual physical attraction between partners, and a commitment to expanding your emotional and intellectual comfort zones.  True love really is that easy.

There are approximately 2.5 billion single people living on earth today and not one of them are as happy as someone currently in true love.  In the United States, according to the 2008 census, there are 58 million single females and 51 million single males 15 years and older and these numbers, as percentages of the total population, are on the rise compared to previous generations.  For example, there are over 18 million women 18 or older living alone and almost as many men.  For those currently married, an estimated 50% will end in divorce.  Likewise, while we all have a sense of what true love should be, only a handful of us believe that we have currently found it.  In a survey of 100 random adult males and 100 random adult females, ages 21-45, only two percent of males and three percent of females believe that they presently share true love with a partner; yet fifty-four percent stated that they had experienced true love at least once in their lifetime.

About the Site: Through blending a unique mix of recent discoveries in neuroscience, genetics, archeology, and the behavioral sciences with communication skills lost to antiquity, this site attempts to present a new way of thinking about connecting in a love relationship.  Further the materials, tools and articles presented here are provided as self help guide to increase the percentage of people who find life-long true love.  The Artful Science of True Love Blog area of the site was created as a forum for discussion, Q&A, and collaboration for women and men who are sick of the cultural view of dating and relationships.  For those who want real answers to straight forward questions not predetermined roles, sterotypes and mysticism.

You are the sum of your mental, physical, emotional, and some would argue quite convincingly your spiritual self and the relationship of these parts to others who are in concert the sum of their same.  Further these wonderful states of your existence are directly attributable to all that has gone before you and your legacy will remain a part of the sum for all that comes after.  Armed with a copious understanding of how and why we choose our lovers and how those selections come to be, all among us can find true love.  When we find it, as my true love has said to me, the following quote best applies:  “I have loved you all of my life, it has just taken me this long to find you.”    -Unknown

About the Author: E. Grey Lorimer, 50, is a former serial entrepreneur, company founder and CEO with a passion for people and the wonderful affect that true love has had on him and persons in his charge over his career.  During his lifetime, he has met with the pinnacle of success and the nadir of monumental failure in both business and relationships. He has been a feature presenter on the trade-show and conference circuits on marketing via the internet in the restaurant industry.  He has negotiated start up, expansion stage and government technology development funding as the founder of several firms.

He has a bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts from Penn State and an MBA with emphasis in marketing and finance.  He has received diverse training and numerous certifications in leadership, psychology, public affairs, organizational psychology, management, and sales and marketing from various institutions and organizations.  He was a very young widower and is currently in the world’s greatest true love relationship.