Background Intelligence

Life cannot simply be a chemical consequence of the birth of a planet.  Likewise the development and expansion of intelligence among life forms cannot be happenstance.  Background intelligence represents the exchange of information between members of a given set which produces a demonstrable result.  Physical and chemical intelligence predates all forms of bio-chemical intelligence including instinctual, perceptual and conceptual.

Physical Intelligence?  Intelligence is not typically referred to in this way, and I would rather the predictable dismissal due to inaccuracy or insanity versus creating a stir from any physicists who venture a read, but even those same most academically self-deitised scientists cannot deny the inescapable relationships of particle matter that would fit into our simple definition.  Physicists use terms like, force, attraction, repulsion, magnetism, gravity, etc . . . to explain the processes of the physical natures of the universe, but I would submit that order and purpose come into play and that there is an underlying inexorable yet to be discovered particle, ultimately responsible for coaxing gravitons into existence and function.

Brian Green, ‘The Elegant Universe’, turns to Steven Hawking and says, “I have thought of a new creation theory which involves infinite parallel universes.”  Hawking replies, “yeah I know, I already thought of that in most of them.”

So you have a newly formed Solar System, wippittydo. Physicists struggle to explain the earliest processes, how a solar disc of smoke size particles join to create mountain size formations, but from there the theory of accretion takes over and planets are created from the process of larger solar objects attracting to each other through the very intelligent force of gravity.

The ingredients are all here so let’s bake a Jewish Apple Cake, the Earth.  Long time, me so horny little carbon atom – chemistry takes over its piece of background intelligence and from an endless series of molecular attraction and rejection complex amino acids and proteins form and presto – life takes hold.  Best guesses from the evolutionary brain-trust would place the evidence of fundamental life originating within the first billion years of the earth forming.  The earliest life forms either spontaneously developed from the coalescence of a combination of the necessary chemical compounds and environmental conditions, background intelligence at its pinnacle, or were deposited from a passing comet that got caught in earth’s gravitational pull.  Either way these life forms were at the edge of what we could consider alive.  Cyanobacteria, viruses, and others, barely fit the criteria for being alive and yet are virtually indestructible.  Capable of withstanding incredible temperature swings, unbearable pressure, survival in a vacuum and dormancy or hibernation for millions of years, scientists are only now discovering just how cosmically hearty these basic and most ancient life forms truly are.  This may be counter-intuitive to the teachings of grandmother on how precious and fragile life can be, but my guess is that she was speaking about your life and not life in the broader sense.

Background intelligence hit its top boundary and did not advance within these organisms during the first epochs of our planet’s evolution, 2.5 billion years.  Instead it would seem that an epic struggle between these basic bio-chemical entities and planetary and cosmic physical forces played cat and mouse with an uncertain future for life hanging in the balance.

Life was able to endure and hold out for the right combination of planetary stability and atmospheric chemical composition because somewhere during this long stretch of our planet’s history the miracle of collagen and the tie to passive or cellular intelligence is observed through the advancement of cellular life.  A couple of snow cones later and we have some free flowing oxygen and new types of neighbors with better conversational skills quickly develop and explode onto the scene.


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