Who Do I Want (For Men Only)

The tether of genetic predisposition binds us to a culturally created real that manifests in the “who do I want” paradigm and begins at a very young age with the fantasy of perfection in oneself and their partner living happily ever after.  From Homer’s, Helen to Spielberg’s, Indiana Jones the storytellers of the day have always created characters who capture our deep desires for success, excitement and true love.  From the time that we are first able to comprehend their meaning until our final breath, stories of high adventure, success against all odds and unwavering true love have a tremendous impact on our lives.

There has never existed a “normal” adolescent male who hasn’t envisioned himself as Hans Solo driving an Aston-Martin containing a Strata-Caster with a Whammy-Bar in the back seat just in case a random rock concert breaks out as he discovers the lost continent of Atlantis while gambling at the black tie affair in Monte-Carlo or the equivalent.  This hero based male fantasy is from time immemorial and has existed that long for the sole purpose of ultimately getting the equivalent fantasy girl.  Even though cultural evolution has transformed the hero figure from Odysseus on a Poseidon forced sojourn through the islands of the Mediterranean to Neo reluctantly becoming the one to defeat a virtual virus in a computer generated reality created by the machines from the intellectual singularity, the basic hero storyline seems to be eternal and true love is always an essential theme.


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