The Pick-Up Artist

Getting advice from a pick-up artist involves no “Mystery”, they want your money.pick up

Many men experience an unbearable level of anxiety when they have not had the meaningful company of a woman for awhile, not sex but love.  They will do anything to end the self doubt and pain associated with the emptiness.  This opens the town square for the music man to set up shop and sell his cart full of elixir which just happens to cure what ails ya.  The following is one of the regular emails that I receive from David DeAngelo, aka, Harold Hill from Gary, Indiana.  I randomly selected this email from an encyclopedia full of equally mindless drivel that this flim-flam man spews on men in their emotionally weakened state.  This one is entitled, “How to Approach a Woman and Take Her Home”.  It includes a question and a statement, but titled as a question, on dating presumably from his devoted readers and his replies to them.  I read similar emails and websites from several other pick up gurus in order to remind myself that some men need meaningful, intelligent advice in this area. I can only hope that he writes questions to himself and answers them.  Either that or he has found the king of the village idiots to correspond with.  Enjoy and please laugh.

How To Approach A Woman & Take Her Home

>If you want to learn how to successfully approach women, then you’re going to need to learn both the “inner” game – which is all about overcoming fear and building confidence – and the “outer” game – which is all about having the SKILLS and “lines” for the different situations you’ll find yourself in. And where’s the best way to learn to MASTER both? Glad you asked, it’s right HERE: (The URL to purchase his book of course).


Got your book a few weeks ago. It’s brilliant. It’s magic. It’s a religion. I am impressed. At 30, I’ve doing better now than in college since I LET myself get wussified over the past few years. I can now, cold turkey, walk up to just about any woman I want to, and bust her friggin’ balls with a straight face and a slight smirk. Their defense shields melt before my eyes. But, alas, I have a question. It seems when I’m meeting women, within an hour or so, I usually end up making out with them or touching them all over …while they kiss and touch me back of course. Getting numbers isn’t enough. I want to advance the meeting from the bar or the party straight to the bed-room without all the email and phone call. What is the best way of doing that? Also….after making out with this one lady I met, after meeting her in a parking lot at a liquor store (go figure), she emails me back a week later saying she wants to pursue friendship first and get to know me. It seems I am perhaps being too agressive. How can I be aggressive yet sly about it?   Any help would be great. I love this stuff!

OK, my book is magic? A RELIGION?

I accept the “brilliant” compliment, and I can even allow the “magic” concept… but let’s stay away from the religion comments… lol.  To answer your first question, about how to skip all the emails, calling, and “dating” and go straight to the bedroom…

Do two things:
1) Don’t focus on “the bedroom.” Focus on taking things to the next step… and the next… and the next.
2) As soon as you meet a woman, treat it like you’re going on a date together.

Let me explain.  If you meet a girl you really like, spark some major chemistry, start kissing her, etc., you’re probably going to get some resistance if you look at her and say “OK, let’s leave your friends here and go back to my place so I can SHAG you.” That’s just a hunch. But, if you meet her, spark the attraction, start kissing, and then say… “Hey, come with me”, and then take her hand and lead her to another part of the club or bar… or take her to the dance floor… or some combination… and then start kissing again… and then stop (two forward, one back)… and then say, “Hey, I’m going to this other bar, come along with me”… and then once you’re there you continue, all the way until closing, when you say, “Hey, let’s keep talking… this is fun. Give me a ride home…” etc., etc., etc…. I think you can see where I’m going with this.  A woman wants to feel that things are developing naturally, not that you are just trying to get her into bed as fast as you can. If the evening unfolds in a normal, natural way, and you can progress from one level to the next, you’ll do very well and go very far.

Why do you lead her to another part of the club, and then take her somewhere else? Physically leading a woman is VERY powerful, and leaving together/showing up somewhere else together changes things. When you arrive at the new place, even though you’re the same two people who just met, you’re now TOGETHER at the new place. And when you suggest continuing to talk, and her giving you a ride home (or some variation), it’s not like saying “Come shag me.” You’re making it clear that you want to spend time with her, and it leaves the possibility of ANYTHING happening open. And as for the girl you met in the parking lot who emailed you a week later saying “Let’s pursue a friendship first”, what she was probably REALLY saying is: “I can’t believe that I made out with you after meeting you in a parking lot of a liquor store. I’m not like that. So let’s get together sometime on a more casual basis, and if you DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID WHEN WE FIRST MET I’LL PROBABLY WIND UP MAKING OUT WITH YOU AGAIN.”

It is fairly safe to say that Mr. DeAngelo substituted Snoop Dog for Nitsche in his World Lit class at Turkey Run Tech Community College and after reading his advice, female or male you probably want to poke yourself in the eye with a pointed stick.  Don’t do it.  There is no man alive who would choose hooking up over true love; it is a Hollywood myth propagated by frustrated men with small penises.  The reality of sending men to the club armed with a few methods of manipulation is tantamount to arming them with a knife for a gunfight.  Pick up lines and (I really can’t believe this one) making women feel bad about themselves just won’t work on any woman with self respect and an IQ in double digits unless she is already interested in the gentleman attempting the manipulation.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the advice that we receive from these scoundrels is rooted in the basic psychology of the mating ritual, may follow some of the convoluted rules of attraction and can be somewhat effective in the short term on the random, inexperienced, insecure or pathological woman answering a short term want trigger for some men, but this is incredibly short sighted and there are more fatal flaws hidden within these strategies than a Union Carbide chemical plant in Bhopal India.  First of all the objective of any con-artist is the same, your money.  Like all predators these gurus prey on the injured or temporarily weak so most men who turn to them are not exactly on top of their game and are usually willing to try just about anything to get out of a dating slump.

Additionally, assuming that your goal is to start a meaningful relationship, even if you “hook up” with a woman through your new found repertoire of smack (be prepared to use words which contain no more than two syllables) the objective has been missed.  If all you want is to get laid please move to one of the eight rural counties in Nevada that still allow legal prostitution.  This strategy will be less expensive both emotionally and financially on all concerned with the added benefit of removing one more ass from the dating pool for the remaining women in your current local area.

Lastly, the pick-up-artist is doomed to a life of picking up through his simple bag of tricks and may never experience the happiness and fulfillment of true love.  If you trick a woman into being interested in you through a sophomoric ball-mall you probably won’t get who you need.  You will get someone who needs the person you pretended to be in order to trick them.  She may even give you a second date, but at some point if she was worth the effort in the first place she will realize that you are a sheep in wolf’s clothing and exit upper stage left faster than Marion Jones on steroids.  She will most likely slap you up side your head on the way out the door for being a poser which sends you right back to the pick up artist’s website with your credit card in hand to begin the painful cycle anew.


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