Lost Languages

Ten times per day we have opportunities to really make a difference with people who come into our lives.  These opportunities present themselves in the most innocent and subtle structures during everyday conversation.  Last night I received a call from my true love.  We typically talk 2-3 times per day when we are apart.  I was spending the day with my daughter in Philadelphia as she is a student at Temple University.  It was around 10pm and having not received a call earlier, I was feeling a little concerned.  Before I said anything about my feelings, she emphathetically stated that the reason that she hadn’t called sooner was because she wanted me to have some space and enjoy the day with my daughter.  This indicated how in tune she is with me and was a reasonable and considerate thing to do and say.  I immediately replied, by explaining that a call from her would never be and interruption and that she could call me anytime the mood struck her.  This was a missed opportunity.   If I had my “lost language feeling cap” on I would have thanked her for the consideration first, then provided the explanation for my insecurity.


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