The Emotional Continuum

In order to harvest the benefits of true love, the internal focus of knowing andaccepting our own minds is just as important as the external focus of a strong physical calling to a particular partner.  To find equilibrium and balance with our love partner we must first find it in ourselves.  Notice that two elements are required to open ourselves up to the connecting power of the emotional continuum.  First, we need to understand the relationships of communication between our instinctual, perceptual, and conceptual intelligence.

Second, we must learn to accept who we are; accepting the mental you can be as simple as adjusting your self-focus.  Nothing can kill the growth of true love faster than a general lack of self-confidence, self-loathing, depression, or debilitating stress and their accompanying negative neural superhighways.  If a balanced potential partner picks up on depressive emotional cues, I assure you he or she will run away faster than a Mississippi Frog on a hot plate.  Rather than focusing on what you don’t have or haven’t accomplished, try focusing on what you do have and have accomplished.  If you consider that the happiest person in the world is a hobo with a ham sandwich, you may gain the perspective to find your own acceptance.

The good news is that, unlike instinctual physical connections, we can learn how to accomplish these prerequisites for emotional connection.  Study your instinctual and perceptual communication and realize why you experience various feelings.  Bring these feelings into a concept framework for analysis rather than avoiding or ignoring them and help your partner to do the same.

Above all, be careful not to blame yourself for feeling a certain way about anything because you can’t help it and, by all means, never allow your partner to blame you or tell you that you should not feel a certain way.  Developing the knowledge and skills to understand the meaning behind your emotions will help you achieve balance and extend that balance to better connect with your partner.