The Intellectual Continuum

True love requires an intellectual, physical, and emotional connection.  Although the miracle of language provides the preferred method for conceptual communication, for love partners, it is not as easy as taking two people who can talk in complete sentences and asking them to connect cognitively.  Knowledge gaps between partners in terms of academic achievements, opinions, roles, cultures, career goals, and financial factors can contribute to conceptual communication barriers and are usually accompanied by strong emotional commitment to individual position.  Conceptual intelligence provides for the only continuum of connection where conscious choices can be made along several subordinate lines.

More than along the continuums of instinctual or perceptual intelligence, conceptual intelligence requires an understanding of personal preferences, tolerance, and intellectual opinions.  Our conceptual intelligence allows us to comprehend via internal analysis where we stand on the corresponding subordinate lines of connection and what points we desire in a potential or current partner.  Notwithstanding, most of us do not give the exercise enough thought or effort.  The good news is that mutual movement along the lines of intellectual connection to equilibrium for partners in a love relationship can actually be conceptually discussed through language.

Finding true love will undoubtedly consist of finding both partners in uncomfortable intellectual and emotional territory from time to time and it is the committed willingness to respect, consider, and actively participate in a partner’s point of view, culture, religion, etc. that separates the have’s from the have not’s.  By expanding your intellectual comfort zone toward a collective consciousness shared between you and your partner, if you are not careful, you might just learn something.