True Love Buzz-Kills

True love buzz kills include Traps, Unrealistic Expectations, and Knowledge Gaps.  Traps can occur when we ignore or override our instincts and kid ourselves about the level of physical attraction that we feel toward a potential partner.  True love requires an initial mutual physical infatuation during relationship formation.  Unrealistic expectations reinforce connection gaps along the emotional continuum of connection for lovers resulting in frustration and disconnection.  Many of us will enter into a love relationship with unrealistic expectations for our partner’s behavior but few of us understand that this causes emotional imbalance.  Knowledge gaps between love partners can lead to adequate or harmful relationships through devaluing the roles, opinions, interests and positions of our partner across a broad spectrum of intellectual considerations.

In a true love relationship physical attraction is natural, unyielding and enduring.  Emotional commitment is unconditional and absolute.  Intellectual communication is genuine and ever expanding.  I realize that these terms sound altruistic and unobtainable, but they are at the very heart of a true love relationship and that is why true love is so hard to find.  In true love, we avoid traps upfront, expectations are kept realistic, and the focus of discussion is aimed at discovery and closing knowledge gaps, making the essence of true love eternal.  Learn how to avoid the long term pain of living with true love buzz-kills in your current or next love relationship, get your own copy of The Artful Science of True Love.