Issues & Solutions

Using the Artful Science of True Love site to identify and resolve issues may help you find the path to True Love.  Remember that anything you learn or practice from the information contained here is not a substitute for professional psychological counseling and we at the Artful Science of True Love always encourage professional couples counseling over self-help when warranted.  With that said our research, opinions, suggestions and self-help tools have proven to be effective for many couples who want to establish love connections, as well as, for identifying disconnections when they occur in dating and love relationships.

The Artful Science of True Love’s theory is simple, elegant, and revolutionary.  Layers of evolved brain correspond to levels of evolved human intelligence each different and each providing an opportunity for lovers to connect through their own unique language. When we establish the connections of true love at each level of mind, they enhance the physical, create new emotional horizons, and expand consciousness for both individuals. It is the stuff of storybook stories.  When we disconnect or never establish the connection in the first place, issues can occur.

The Reptilian Brain or Hindbrain evolved early and houses our instinctual level of intelligence. We share our instinctual level of intelligence with birds and reptiles. This mind-processing center responds to simple physical inputs and controls physical responses in yes/no terms. It renders basic, instantaneous judgments on who is acceptable for sex through a language consisting of automatic physical responses to complex chemical compounds.  Quite on its own, it receives input from all the senses and approves or rejects a potential love candidate accounting for at least one of the mysteries surrounding romantic love, physical attraction.  Scholars have suspected our instincts role in attraction and the forming of love relationships or pair bonds for some time but the scientific community is only now beginning to understand how the chemistry involved actually works. The most important connecting lines under the physical continuum of connection include Instinctual Communication, Looks, Appearance, Hygiene, Touch, Smell, Taste, Voice, Movement, Affection, and Sex.

The Old Mammalian Brain or Limbic System evolved with the rise of the mammals. It is the layer or area of the human brain that houses our perceptual or emotional level of intelligence. This mind-processing center responds to perceptual inputs and controls emotional responses.  Our perceptual level of intelligence receives inputs and communicates responses through facial expressions, body language, gestures, touch, and nonverbal vocal cues. While, in general, perceptual communication involves the transfer of emotional information at a subconscious level between two people, for lovers, the emotional communication is usually much deeper and incorporates vital messages about the balance of the relationship.  When a line of connection moves out of balance, it is through perceptual communication that we disclose the associated pain and disappointment.  Interestingly, in a true love relationship, where nearly all lines of connection are at equilibrium, any disconnect or movement from balance stands out like a sore thumb.  The most important subordinate lines of connection under the emotional continuum include Perceptual Communication, Trust, Personality Traits, Behavioral Preferences, and Fun.

The Neocortex or more specifically the Frontal Lobes evolved later and is exaggerated among great apes and humans.  It is the layer of the brain that houses our conceptual intelligence or conscious mind and is believed to be responsible for problem solving, creativity and reasoning.  This mind processing center responds to conceptual inputs and controls intellectual responses.  Our conceptual level of intelligence received information and communicates responses through various languages (verbal, art, math etc.).  Although the miracle of language provides the preferred method for conceptual communication, for love partners, it is not as easy as taking two people who can talk in complete sentences and asking them to connect cognitively.  Knowledge gaps between partners in terms of academic achievements, opinions, roles, cultures, career goals, and financial factors can contribute to conceptual communication barriers and are usually accompanied by strong emotional commitment to individual position.  Conceptual intelligence provides for the only continuum of connection where conscious choices can be made along several subordinate lines.  The most important subordinate lines of connection, under the intellectual continuum include Conceptual Communication Skills, IQ, Opinions, Interests, Student/Teacher, Humor, Cultural Factors, Career, Time Management, and Financial Factors.


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